Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall cries over nominations result

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Christopher Hall cries on tonight's Big Brother 2014 after being nominated for eviction.

Face to Face nominations leave four housemates facing eviction this week with Christopher joining Pav, Mark and Winston up for the public vote.

After the results, Christopher talks to Big Brother about the cliques within the House, noting that “Helen’s clique” of “Helen, Ash and Winston – and sometimes Mark”, would never nominate each other. He goes on to admit that he’s tried a “different tactic”, following the focus group, but feels misunderstood

Later, Christopher is crying in the toilet before Mark joins him outside and reassures him that he won’t go. He goes on to remark, “If I go this week, I’ll be made up” and Christopher assures him “Whatever happens, you’re my winner”

Ash then tells Christopher why he nominated him and says “Everyone went through my mind…If I’m honest, I want Winston to win”

Christopher admits that he considered nominating Mark “for a split second” because of his tantrums and obsession with how the public perceive him.

Elsewhere and Mark tells Chris and Ashleigh that he should have nominated Christopher because he “has changed”.

BBUK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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