Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 61 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

The Housemates wake up and all have nominations on their mind. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Mark and Helen have other concerns – their hair! Helen says that she can’t wait not to do her own hair and Mark quips, “That’s what salons are for!”

In the living area, Ash, Winston and Ashleigh speculate that there could be a massive twist. When pressed, Winston admits that he has “no idea” what that twist could be

Chris tells Big Brother that “speculation is a 24 hour occupation in this House…nominations is the topic of conversation” He goes on to admit that he is also feeling the pressure adding, “I just completely forgot what I was saying while I was saying it”

In the kitchen, Christopher amuses himself by singing to himself. The words include, “It makes me feel sick when Mark makes that noise”. Meanwhile, in the garden, Helen tells Winston, “Christopher’s f**king weird” for showering in his clothes.

Pav talks to Big Brother about nominations and suggests that they will be worse for the other Housemates as they have to start nominating their friends. He goes on to discuss the level of paranoia in the House, admitting that he is also feeling it.

Big Brother calls Ash to the Diary Room and reveals that he must put on a magic show, in order to win a treat for the House. Ash then joins the other Housemates and announces that “Today, and for one day only, I have the Power!” before offering to make “something long and hard” appear for Helen, in the form of a magical cane! Ash then continues to astound the Housemates with a variety of “absolutely fantastic” magic tricks

Big Brother gathers the Housemates at the sofas and reveals that they must nominate for the final time, face to face. The Housemates who will face the public vote are:

o Pav
o Christopher
o Winston
o Mark

All the Housemates nominated Pav who says he feels “fine” because he knew he would be nominated each week. Ashleigh explains that it was a difficult decision and she had to choose a “petty reason” to nominate him and Ash says that he was “desperate” not to nominate him. Pav says he feels proud that no one chose any other reasons to nominate him but Helen admits that she didn’t want any of the new Housemates to win the £100,000 and that “other people deserve it more”

Chris talks to Winston about the nominations and says that he was “absolutely convinced” he would be up for eviction, before adding that he doesn’t’ think Pav will leave because he will have the sympathy vote.

Pav talks to Big Brother about being nominated by all the Housemates and says, “It’s not my fault I came in half way through. It’s not my fault that I didn’t start when they did and that’s quite difficult to come to terms with ”

Mark tells Chris and Ashleigh that he should have nominated Christopher because he “has changed”. Mark then admits that he’s gone the other way and played up even more than usual becoming “more of a rebel…if you think I’m a fake fu*king show off, I’ll give you a fu*king show off!”

All of the original housemates are talking in the garden about Helen’s pass to the final. She wonders how long she would have lasted without it and who would have nominated her. Ashleigh says that she definitely would have nominated her. Helen thinks that everyone on the outside will hate her, Chris and Ashleigh both disagree. Ashleigh says that if she likes her then people on the outside will definitely like her.

Christopher talks to Ashleigh about Mark and notes that a lot of his opinions come from Helen, which “drives me mad” He goes on to say that “they just live in each other’s pockets, wedged up each other’s backsides…and that’s why we will never work in the outside world if this continues like this” Mark then joins them, singing a song at the top of his voice.

Later, in the garden, a tipsy Mark is lying on Christopher and tells him that he should have nominated him “under very fair circumstances” because he has “changed his behaviour”. Christopher says he wishes he had, if that’s how he felt. Mark reiterates that he is still upset after Christopher branded him the least trustworthy and loyal Housemate, adding “I’m not going to thrown you under the truck as you did me”. Christopher gets up to leave the conversation and says, “I know better than to argue with a f**king drunken idiot”

In the bedroom, Christopher tells Chris that Mark is “Drunk Mark is a complete p***k…I can’t stand him…he’s pi**ing me off to the hilt…he’s being a p***k in front of me again…I will not be ashamed of the person I like…I would never publicly embarrass them, humiliate them, speak badly of them in front of other people, so he can f**k right off…I’m calling time on this s**t before it goes any further…I’m not having it”

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