Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron gets VERY drunk and admits he's fake!


After being put up for eviction, Mark Byron got every drunk last night and revealed some shocking truths.

Yesterday the housemates nominated face to face and it was revealed in last night's Big Brother 2014 nominations results that Mark, Christopher Hall, Pav Paul and Winston Showan all face the axe.

After drinking away is his sorrows, Mark ended up gathering the house for a slurred speech as he revealed the true him.

Following a week of being branded false and a gameplayer, Mark said: "I am extremely false, I'm the biggest game player. The public have got one thing right about me, I am actually false."

The housemates laughed on as Mark announced to the word: "I'm not actually from Liverpool, I'm from Birmingham, I'm not 24, I'm 43.

"My name isn't Mark I'm actually called over and I was born a woman and I'm a secret agent.

"Everything about me is so f**king fake, the public have got it spot on."

Mark also took a swipe at the other housemates - well, two of them - for nominating him for eviction as the final neared.

"This is the first time I've ever gone up for eviction on a majority vote," Mark complained. "It's taken me nine weeks.

"If it weren't for you I'd have been the only housemate ever to not go up for the public vote."

Watch more of Mark's drunken rambling below...

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