Big Brother 2014: Nominations (or lack thereof) are talk of the house

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates have been in a speculation frenzy this evening.

Later today they will nominate face to face - although don't it yet - and the lack of news has them paranoid.

"I wanted the nominations and everything to normal, so everything's just so dead normal, but it's not been," Ash stated. "You get the feeling that it's coming to an end because it's changing a bit."

He then suggested: "Someone could go home tonight, there could be an eviction this evening."

Meanwhile, in the garden, Winston said: "It's very strange how we haven't nominated, I just feel it's going to be a big arse surprise.. a twist."

Christopher chipped in: "Maybe everyone's up, and they'll spring on an eviction on Wednesday."

Chris added: "I just want it taken out of our hands," although Christopher said he was looking forward to nominations if only to give him "something to do".

With Big Brother refusing to tell the housemates anything, the group got desperate and turned to Mark's psychic tea leaves for advice.

But even they couldn't help, according to Mark.

They couldn't even tell the housemates if they would nominate today, with Mark explaining: "You can't ask it yes or no questions."

BBUK airs at 10PM this evening on Channel 5.

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