Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 60 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

It's Day 60 and It’s the day after Christopher and Mark’s row and Mark talks to Helen about Winston taking Christopher’s side. Helen says, ‘That’s when it’s not a game when someone gets hurt.’

Helen asks Winston if he is in a better moody today and Winston says: ‘You’re always moody.’

Winston talks to Big Brother about the Strongest Housemate task and the effects some of the answers had on the Housemates. He says that he and Helen had a little disagreement but it’s all sorted. He says about Helen: ‘Once you disagree with her then you have to have ten minutes of arguing, which is a nightmare.’

Christopher criticises Mark’s hair and Mark says: ‘I don’t criticise your shiny make-up face.’ Helen says Christopher’s make-up makes him looks a bit ‘jaundiced.’

The Housemates gather to get involved in the new, really wild task. The task sees the Housemates obey a voice that sounds like a famous naturalist. Helen reads the details of the task to the Housemates which states that Big Brother finds the Housemates’ interactions fascinating and that they are all very ‘social animals.’ The Housemates that are not being directed must stay in their habitat and if they complete their actions to Big Brother’s satisfaction they will be rewarded. Mark says he hopes he is a camel.

It’s feeding time for The Pav. He must eat as much of the contents of the fridge as possible and pour yoghurt all over himself.

The Winston must do his rarely seen, traditional ‘toilet dance.’

The Mark strides towards the sofas and must shake his head whilst doing his intricate mating call, he squeals in a high pitched tone and attracts The Christopher, they must smell each other.

The Ashleigh and The Chris must go to the plains of the garden. There, The Chris must groom The Ashleigh. The Ashleigh accepts this but will not accept being licked by The Chris.

The Ash and The Pav are social animals and must discuss their relationships with other Housemates in the pod. The Ash must also offer advice, he tells The Pav to ‘enjoy every minute.’

The Chris and The Ashleigh continue in the ‘watering hole’ where they must splash each other.

The alpha female (Helen) must go to the Diary room to tackle The Winston to clear the air after their disagreement. Helen says: ‘I was deeply offended when you disagreed with me, you know I’m the boss.’ Winston says: ‘I accept your apology.’ Helen says: ‘What? Are you f**king taking the piss.’

The Ash is chameleon like and blends in with his surroundings. The Mark must show him how to stand out more, to impress the public. The Mark dresses The Ash is a pink dressing gown, bra, puts flowers in his hair and a plant down his shorts and advises him to speak in a Scouse accent rather a Manchester one as Mark finds it dull. He further advises The Ash to make his hair and brows bigger and says: ‘Remember you’re not in a queue for a bus, you’re actually in a television programme.’

The Alpha Males – Winston and Ash face off against Beta Males – Christopher and Mark. In an impressive display the Alpha Males see off the Betas and end up throwing them in the pool, ruining Mark’s hair. Helen says: ‘Alright Peter Andre, give us a song.’ Mark says he wants to be an Alpha not a Beta. The Alphas celebrate their victory by dancing round the pool in jubilation.

Ashleigh talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about Helen and says that Helen seems quieter recently and that she has exhausted herself with all the anger and fighting. Ashleigh adds that Helen has changed but not completely and that she will always have that side to her. Ashleigh gives as an example Helen wanting to smash people’s heads in when she was voted the most aggressive Housemate. Ashleigh adds that Helen’s anger is her weakness but doesn’t feel that Helen would lash out at her again as Helen knows she would stand up for herself.

The Housemates get dressed up in animal skins and painted faces to enjoy the jungle party that Big Brother has thrown for them for passing the task.

Mark goes to the Diary Room to talk about his relationship with Christopher. He’s disappointed that Christopher didn’t defend him against the ‘game-player’ accusation. He now doesn’t feel that Christopher has his back ‘110%’. He feels that Christopher is scared to ‘go against the grain.’ Mark hasn’t written Christopher off but will keep recent events in his head for his own protection.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 tonight.

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