Big Brother 2014 news: Housemates pass Wildlife task

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates have passed the weekend's wildlife task.

Yesterday Housemates took part in BB Wildlife. A wildlife commentator described behaviour that they then had to follow.

Housemates followed the instructions and therefore passed the task.

The wildlife commentator instructions were:

1. Pav ate the contents of the fridge and wiped yoghurt on his face.

2. Mark did his mating call and Christopher became interested. They began sniffing each other in an unusual mating ritual.

3. Chris began grooming Ashleigh by licking her ears and playing with her hair.

4. Pav and Ash began talking about their relationships in the House in the pod.

5. Winston performed a toilet dance in the Bedroom.

6. Ashleigh and Chris retreated to the watering hole and started to splash each other.

7. Winston and Helen went to the Diary Room and spoke about their argument last night and who was in the right regarding Mark’s overreacting.

8. Winston performed his sex dance.

9. Chris and Ashleigh soaked themselves in water and rolled around the sofas, marking their territories.

10. Mark tried to teach Ash how to stand out and not be a human chameleon.

11. Pav told Winston, Helen and Christopher their biggest flaws.

12. Winston and Ash went against Mark and Christopher in a tribal dance, before Mark and Christopher retreated into the watering hole.

13. All Housemates began celebrating and dancing in the garden.

As a reward for passing the task the Housemates last enjoyed a jungle themed party.

The task highlights will air in tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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