'Is this Big Brother or a sex channel?' Fans angry at Big Brother's latest task

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother 2014 viewers have hit out at show bosses after the latest crazy task.

Yesterday the Housemates’ behaviour was observed and commented on by a wildlife commentator, as if the group were animals in a wildlife documentary.

Housemates were told that a special voice will command them to do certain actions and they must obey them as if animals. If housemates followed the commands to Big Brother’s satisfaction they would earn a reward.

But only if they obeyed everything that was said, regardless how ridiculous or humiliating.

A lot of the requests were a bit of fun: 'Chameleon' Ash had to blend into the background, Pav smothered himself in food (not for the first time this series) at 'feeding time' and Winston put on a rare 'toilet dance'.

However some overstepped the mark, with the commentator remarking that Chris had to "groom" Ashleigh, then "straddle" her before finally saying that he should lick her in the EAR.

"This invites the creepy Chris comments," Ashleigh said before later adding: "I'd rather drown myself in yoghurt than have Chris straddle me and lick me ear."

Many viewers blasted prodcers over the requests, with one writing: "Is this a real BB or a sex channel ? That's so unfair to Chris and Ashleigh."

Another remarked: "Producers sink to yet another low!"

A third complained: "Is [Big Brother] joking with this!? They're really trying to push the creepy Chris thing and it isn't fair."

The good news for Chris and Ashleigh - and the other housemates - is that Big Brother announced that the group had passed the task and would be rewarded with a jungle-themed party.

Do you think the task went too far?

Watch a clip from the 'grooming' session below...

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