Big Brother 2014: Chris R Wright told to straddle Ashleigh Coyle in shocking task

chris wright

Chris R Wright was told to straddle Ashleigh Coyle and lick her EAR in today's Big Brother 2014 task.

The shocking requests were part of today's wildlife challenge which has otherwise been rather funny.

Throughout today the Housemates’ behaviour have been observed and commented on by a wildlife commentator.

Housemates were told that a special voice will command them to do certain actions and they must obey them. If housemates follow the commands to Big Brother’s satisfaction they will earn a reward.

The commentary will dictate the actions of the Housemates – they must obey everything that is said, regardless how ridiculous or humiliating.

In the garden, the commentator remarked that Chris began "grooming" Ashleigh, with the Northern Irish model quipping: "This invites the creepy Chris comments. Just groom my arm, don't touch me anywhere else."

Then the commentator remarked that Chris began to straddle Ashleigh at which point she said: "No, nope. That's not happening, not a hope."

Finally, the commentary said that Chris began to clean Ashleigh by licking her ears.

Ashleigh declared: "I'd rather drown myself in yoghurt than have Chris straddle me and lick me ear."

However despite the complaining the pair did eventually fulfill the requests, to some extent.

Ashleigh however hit out at BB: "'The Chris to straddle the Ashleigh'... f**k off!"

Watch a clip from the task below...

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