Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron rows with Christopher Hall (and Helen Wood gets involved...)


It kicks off in the Big Brother 2014 house tonight as Mark Byron and Christopher Hall row again... and everyone else joins in.

It all starts after Christopher brands Mark a gameplayer in a task, as well as naming Helen and Winston as the most Loyal and most Trustworthy respectively ahead of Mark.

Once the task is over, Mark talks to Christopher about his answers in the earlier quiz and says, “You are closer to me than you are to Winston and Helen, so to call me a game player? What the f**k? You just think I’m an attractive game player…Why the f**k would you be close to someone who you think is a f**king game player?”

Christopher explains that sometimes Mark can play up to the camera and that he just made a snap decision

The other housemates all take sides, with Helen telling Chris that Mark “needed Christopher’s support” in the task.


Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Mark and Christopher continue to bicker: Christopher references what the focus group said about him adding, “I got you from the start.

"All I wanted was to know that you were remotely interested in me and I could tell from the look in your eyes that you were”

He goes on to admit that Mark made him look like a muppet but that he didn’t mind.

Mark takes offence and suggests that “you’re taking it out on me that you haven’t stood up to me” but Christopher assures him that he has his back in the House.

Elsewhere and Ashleigh observes that the “whole doormat thing may have gone to his head”.

And Helen suggests that it’s “an insult…a kick in the b*****ks” that Christopher didn’t support Mark.

Winston jokes that Ash chose him as the most attractive over Helen and she responds by saying, “I don’t care! It’s not the same. If he’d insulted me as a friend, that would pi** me off”


Christopher then suggests that it must be a “shock to the system” to go from being a favourite and adds that there is a “disconnect” between the sensible Mark and the illogical tea leaf Mark and ponders, “It’s funny, but is it real?”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM On Channel 5.

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