Big Brother UK: Mark Byron branded biggest gameplayer by other housemates


Mark Byron has been branded the biggest game player on Big Brother 2014... by his own housemates.

In tonight's show, Winston, Mark and Helen take part in Big Brother’s Strongest Housemate.

In one part of the challenge, the other Housemates are asked a series of questions Winston, Helen and Mark.

To pass, they must guess how many of the Housemates will name them as the answer to the question.

The results included:

Who is the most loyal? Pav picks Winston. Christopher, Ashleigh, Chris and Ash all pick Helen

Who is the most trustworthy? All the Housemates choose Winston

Who is the dumbest? Pav, Christopher, Ashleigh choose Mark. Chris chose Helen

Who is the biggest game player? All the Housemates chose Mark

After the task and Helen and Mark discuss Christopher and his answers to the quiz.

Mark notes that Christopher sees him as a game player and not as loyal or trustworthy.

They move on to talk about whether Christopher himself is actually the one playing a game, questioning whether he is being friendly with Mark because he thinks he can win.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM On Channel 5.

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