Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood vows to change after public backlash


Helen Wood has vowed to change on Big Brother 2014, with just a couple of weeks to go to the final.

In tonight's show, Ashleigh and Chris talk about Helen and Chris notes that “she’s staring to be a changed person…I think this is probably what she’s like with her friends”

In the Diary Room, Helen talks to Big Brother about the “abuse” she got from the public in the latest task, saying, “some of it was that insulting, it was funny."

She tells Big Brother: “I’ve always been a disliked person…people’s opinions have always been the same”

Helen admits that her attitude comes “from being hurt."

She explains: "Showing emotions is a bit of a weakness...I’m probably never settle down and be happy if I don’t curb my anger and my upset.

"If I want to do certain things in life and be a better person, I have to change”

Later on and some of the Housemates discuss Helen and her pass to the final.

Despite their numerous rows over the series, Ashleigh says she hopes Helen's not first out, adding that she would have left in week one if she didn’t have a pass to the final.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM On Channel 5.

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