Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 59 recap and highlights


Here's your daily Big Brother recap with a spoiler filled preview of tonight's house action.

It's Day 59 and last night, Zoe became the tenth Housemate to be evicted. Mark tells Pav that he prefers Zoe and Danielle’s pictures in red and Pav observes that “mine’s going to be blue for three days and then straight pink” Meanwhile, Helen tells Winston “it’s going to be a bad week…sh*t’s going to hit the fan”

Mark tells Big Brother he never thought he’d get to the final eight as a “loud mouthed lad from Liverpool, with big hair and big eyebrows!” He goes on to say that he’s “gutted” Zoe’s gone and suggests it will be difficult for Pav at first, but that he will integrate more now he’s lost his security blanket. He admits that he does “overreact” and has left Christopher and people at home confused but insists “I’m determined to prove to them that I’m not false, I’m not fake and I am exactly what I am on the tin”

For today’s task, Winston, Mark and Helen take part in Big Brother’s Strongest Housemate. For the first part if the challenge, they must hold a barbell above their heads, one at a time, while the other Housemates distract them with dog food, a wet fish, feathers and smelly socks. During the challenge, Helen has a big fish rubbed in her face and put down her top, which causes her to worry that she may have exposed herself to the other Housemates

Helen talks to Ash and Mark about wanting another boob job when she leaves the House and admits that her surgeon had recommended she go bigger before and she didn’t listen

Chris and Christopher discuss sharing cigarettes in the House. Chris observes that he doesn’t have enough to share and that Winston “doesn’t see it as a pi*s take” when he asks for them. Christopher advises that “you just have to say no”

For the second round of today’s challenge, Winston, Mark and Helen must show a Strength of Will and fight their emotions

o Winston is first called to the Diary Room where he must not crack a smile or laugh, despite former Housemate Biannca performing a lap dance, dressed as a chicken. Before leaving, Biannca jokes, “At least I got to ride your co*k!”

o Helen must read what viewers have been Tweeting about her, without getting angry. She successfully reads a series of Tweets which include, “Helen on Big Brother is everything that’s wrong with humanity” and “Please stop focusing the camera on Helen, her rotten dog face is hurting my eyes”

o Mark’s challenge is to hold back the tears while chopping onions and listening to his favourite sad song, Without You

Marks tell Christopher that he’s “worried” he’s been sleeping too much and asks if the focus group has affected him badly. Christopher reassures Mark that he’s fine

For the final part of Big Brother’s Strongest Housemate, the Housemates will be asked a series of questions Winston, Helen and Mark. To pass, they must guess how many of the Housemates will name them as the answer to the question. Highlights include:

Who is the most loyal? Pav picks Winston. Christopher, Ashleigh, Chris and Ash all pick Helen

Who is the most trustworthy? All the Housemates choose Winston

Who is the dumbest? Pav, Christopher, Ashleigh choose Mark. Chris chose Helen

Who is the biggest game player? All the Housemates chose Mark

The winner of the Extreme Strength trial was Helen

The winner of the Willpower trial was Helen

The join winners of the Strength in Numbers were Winston and Mark

The overall winner was Helen and she was rewarded with a luxury meal in the Pod with Mark

In the Pod, Mark and Helen toast making it to week nine and Helen remarks, “I feel like such a d*ck for being so moody”

Mark and Christopher resolve their differences in the seating area. Christopher apologises and says, he has difficulty saying how he feels and that’s why he’s never been in a relationship, adding “you’re leagues above Helen and Winston” Mark admits that it made his feel small and that he’s had a tough week.

In the bedroom, Helen says that it’s not their business to talk about Christopher and Mark, before discussing Mark’s feelings again. Winston pulls her up on it and suggests that Mark is over reacting but Helen thinks that it crosses the line when someone’s feelings are hurt

Mark and Christopher continue their discussion in the living room. Christopher suggests that people may think Mark is playing a game because “there is nobody else like you” and Mark admits, “I’m a fu*king nightmare, me” with Christopher adding, “you’re a loveable nightmare”

Helen tells Ash that Mark has had “more of a raw deal that me” this week and that Winston just likes to disagree but wasn’t making a valid point

In the garden, Christopher talks to Chris and Winston about his discussion with Mark. Chris observes that he needs to work out if Mark cares more about what Christopher thinks or about what the public thinks.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM On Channel 5.

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