Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron, Christopher Hall in ANOTHER row

Big Brother Summer 2014

It kicked off in the Big Brother 2014 house this morning after another tiff between Christopher Hall and Mark Byron.

Their latest lovers quarrel stemmed from this weekend's task, which saw Big Brother stirring the pot as usual.

Yesterday evening, Helen, Winston and Mark all took part in BB's Strongest Housemate challenge and as part of that task, the other housemates had to vote the trio in several categories, such as the Most Irritating or Most Trustworthy.

Mark got annoyed when Christopher failed to name him either the most Loyal or most Trustworthy of the trio, instead choosing Helen and Winston respectively.

Christopher explained his decision to an upset Mark: "I do you think you're a loyal person and trustworthy but I think Helen, over the course of the show, has been perhaps more loyal in general terms, who's been the most loyal housemate."

Big Brother Summer 2014

"I don't think it makes you disloyal, you haven't been."

Mark claimed that being branded untrustworthy was a "kick in the f**king tooth" after opening up (not in a Steven Goode way) for Christopher.

Mark said: "I've made the effort to be more open with you and trusting. I spoke to you about issues and my family that I've not spoken to anyone else in here about. I trusted you with them things and so I thought you would've said I'm more trustworthy."

An angry Mark continued: "I've been f**king completely loyal to my mates in here and I thought you would've perceived me as the most loyal.

"When I saw you picked Helen as the most loyal I nearly f**king fell off the podium."

With little else to do or discuss, Mark and Christopher's argument became the talk of the house with Helen jumping to his defence.

She told Winston: "I think it would insult me if I was Mark and he'd [Christopher] said you over him."

However other housemates didn't think Helen should be getting involved but she blasted: "It's something to speak about because we've all witnessed it. If people want heir opinion on something, they can have it.

Big Brother Summer 2014

"I'm feeling a bit p***ed off that it's been made out like I shouldn't be able to speak about it."

She concluded to Mark: "I don't understand why he [Christopher] thinks you are most trustworthy and loyal.

"If you're that close to someone I don't get why you think they're the least trustworthy."

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