Big Brother 2014: 'Rotten dog face' Helen Wood hears viewer opinions!

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood got some harsh messages from viewers in the Big Brother 2014 house yesterday.

In a task to find the strongest Big Brother housemate, Helen, Mark and Winston each had to go the Diary Room for a personal test of their will power. They all had to try as hard as possible to fight their emotions.

Helen was told she must NOT get angry: Helen was given cue cards to read with messages from the viewers. She had to read these aloud and try not to get angry.

Viewers said:

"Helen from Big Brother legit has a mind of a 15 year old "

"That Helen is wearing them skanky ripped jeans again "

"Helen knows why she was voted the most two faced and manipulative housemate, so do we, because it's true "

"Helen on big Brother is everything that is wrong with humanity"

"As soon as we the public are given back our power to evict her she'll be gone sooner than you can say bore off."

"Her rotten dog face is hurting my eyes"

Meanwhile, Winston had to laugh as he was surprised in the Diary Room by former Housemate Biannca, wearing a chicken costume, while had to not cry while chopping onions.

The task will air on tonight’s (Sunday’s) highlights show on Channel 5.

Watch Helen in the Diary Room below...

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