Big Brother 2014: Who nominated who? Face to face nominations!

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates nominated face to face this week, but who voted for who?

Yesterday evening, Big Brother gathered the remaining eight housemates for the latest round of nominations.

But in a twist, each had to nominate in front of one another, explaining their reasons.

As usual, Helen Wood was immune from the vote but everyone else was fair game.

Who nominated who

Ash Harrison nominated Christopher and Pav

Ashleigh Coyle nominated Pav and Christopher

Chris R Wright nominated Mark and Pav

Christopher Hall nominated Pav and Winston

Helen Wood nominated Pav and Christopher

Mark Byron nominated Chris and Pav

Pavandeep Paul nominated Winston and Mark

Winston Showan nominated Pav and Christopher

As a result, with Seven nominations from every one, Pav, Christopher with four nominations and both Mark and Winston with two nominations, will all face eviction this week.

But they're not alone with another twist today (Tuesday) seeing Chris also nominated. It was part of this week's Power Of Money which saw £10,000 added to this year's prize money, bringing it to a current total of £110,000.

Who do you want to be evicted this week? Vote in our latest eviction poll below!

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Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 with the latest live eviction this Friday night at 9PM with host Emma Willis.

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