Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 58 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big brother UK highlights.

It's Day 58 and it’s eviction day in the Big Brother house and for either Pav, Zoe or Chris their final day.

Mark’s only concern is his outfit for tonight, he says that he doesn’t mind how much stick he gets if he looks amazing.

Helen and Winston talk about the lack of sex in the house. Helen says: ‘I’m not like you Winston, celibacy doesn’t bother me.’

The Housemates speculate on the mood of the crowd and Ash asks the Housemates: ‘Do you think it will be a bad one?’

Big Brother invites Zoe to the Diary Room and sets her a secret mission, she must seed showbiz stories into conversations with her fellow Housemates. The stories include writing a film script which Eddie Murphy is interested in and waking a child from a coma with her singing.

Pav talks to Zoe about his concern about staying in the house another without her if she is the one to leave.

Mark, Winston and Ash speculate on who will leave the house. Mark thinks it might be Chris because he isolated Pav.

Pav goes to the Diary Room and confesses he is worried about the possibility of Zoe being evicted. He says: ‘If she goes I’m f**ked.’

Mark has a swim and confesses to Pav and Ash that Christopher is not his usual type and that they are ‘very different.’

Helen tells Christopher and Winston that she wants to start seeing someone when she leaves the house but not for a few months but if it doesn’t happen she’s fine with being single.

The Housemates gather for the live eviction and Chris says that unless it’s the final that everyone will receive a fair amount of boos. Zoe reasons that even if the crowd’s reaction is negative, it’s only for 30 seconds. She experiences this first hand as Emma announces that Zoe is the eleventh Housemates to leave the Big Brother house. She says her goodbyes and says good luck to the remaining Housemates and Zoe is gone!

Chris says that he had mentally prepared himself to leave and now will have to reprogram himself.

Ash observes that the crowd were particularly hostile tonight and that the booing was constant, it just changed in pitch.

Ash and Helen discuss the sleeping arrangements for that night and Ash tells Helen: ‘Come and wake me up with a blowy.’ Helen laughingly says: ‘Don’t talk to me like that.’

Chris says to Ashleigh that he is confused about staying in the house. Christopher comments to Ashleigh that she is the last girl standing but wouldn’t say it in front of Helen. Ashleigh works out that she is the only girl left in the house who got there without a free pass to the final.

Winston talks to Big Brother and says that it’s easier with one new Housemate rather than two and that the original Housemates will make more of an effort with Pav now.

The Housemates talk about Pav and agree he has lost his ‘security blanket.’ Christopher says that the public obviously don’t feel about Pav the way they do. Mark doesn’t understand what he means by this and they have another one of their tiffs.

Helen gets into a different bed on her own but after some cajoling from Ash returns to their bed.

Big Brother 2014 airs at 9PM on Channel 5 tonight.

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