Big Brother 2014: Chris R Wright still can't figure out Pav Paul

Big Brother Summer 2014

After last night's BBUK eviction it hasn't taken long for the original housemates to cast their eye over Pav Paul.

After Zoe was evicted in last night's latest live show, Pav is the one remaining new housemate and he's still causing a lot of suspicion.

And after he got booed by the live audience, it saw the housemates even more convinced they were right.

"I don't think the audience were booing him, I think they were booing him because he's boring," Chris suggested this morning.

Chris continued: "I don't think they [the public] think he's bad, I think they just find him boring.

"He's been on the back foot, we've put him on the back foot... I dunno... I want to think of the best of him and I will try to with that in mind, I don't want o be wrong about him and be mean and talk about him and find out he's just a decent, honest guy.

"I don't question that he is a nice person but... I'd sooner be wrong thinking the best than be shown otherwise."

Chris went on to admit that Pav was in a bit of a stick situation in the house.

"He knows that if he stepped forward and says he's not this and not that, he's going to look guilty," he explained to Winston. "He's smart enough to know that defending himself makes him look guilty, which is why I think he hasn't defended himself very much...

"But of course when he doesn't defend himself, he looks guilty... "

Chris concluded: "This was exactly the scenario I wanted to avoid, having to get emotionally involved in trying to figure someone out. It's a test, isn't it..."

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