Big Brother 2014 results: Zoe Birkett blames editing for being branded 'stuck up'


Evicted Big Brother housemate Zoe Birkett has blamed BB editors for making her seem stuck.

This evening's BBUK live show saw Zoe Birkett become the latest to leave in the Big Brother 2014 results, losing out in the weekly public poll alongside Chris R Wright and Pav Paul.

Zoe left to a mixed reaction from the live crowd after being booed as the result was announced

Speaking to BB host Emma Willis, Zoe said: "I wanted the experience and do something different. The end bit there, the worst thing that would happen is that I'd be in the arms of my mum and dad.

"I'd have loved to have gone through to the end but I'm pleased for Pav.

"I think emotionally I'm a lot stronger then some in there, dealing with crowds and stuff."


Discussing entering some 40 days into the series, Zoe said: "It's hard, everyone's got bonds, everyone's got relationships. They're still suspicious of us now.

"They're seriously paranoid, they're on serious edge. I found that quite difficult, I was there for the craic and the fun, there was too much paranoia for me."

The Pop Idol singer insisted she "didn't care" about being nominated and that she expected to face eviction every week since entering.

On her infamous 'Tesco comment', Zoe said: "You missed the whole conversation. The chat we had for about half an hour.

"I work in retail, my mum and dad would slap us if I ever became higher than I thought I was.

"The conversation was about half an hour long!"

She added: "I've definitely been misunderstood. 100%. To say I'm stuck up, I've been working at 2AM handing out leaflets to get a roof over my head."

Zoe also talked about Mark and says she loved his energy and buzzed off him. She goes on to describe Ash as “salt of the earth”

Big Brother Summer 2014

Zoe concluded: "I'm just a generally happy lass, I've got a general zest for life, if that's my downfall then I'm happy with that."

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Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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