Big Brother 2014: Nominated housemates all want to stay

Big Brother Summer 2014

All talk is on the eviction in tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights and no one wants to go anywhere.

Ashleigh says to Chris: "I’ll crack up if you go tomorrow." while Chris replies: "I don’t think you will."

Zoe goes to the Diary Room to speak about the looming eviction and says: "Everyone would like to stay till next week and the final, one million percent."

She also touches upon the Tesco remark which seems to keep coming back to haunt her and says: "I know I’m a grounded girl, that’s why I was taken aback but the stuck up comment or do I think I’m above myself."

Zoe later goes on: "I’d really like to stay." Big Brother asks her who she thinks will go and she says: "We all stand a good chance." She points out that she has the Tesco remark against her and Chris has the creepy tag and the public think that Pav is boring.

Pav also goes go the Diary Room and says that he feels he is coming out of his shell. He says that it was good to know what the public don’t like about him and so he can work on it and improve if he stays. He does say he has never received any cheers like Chris or Zoe so this is potentially his last night in the house.

Finally, Christopher talks to Chris about his possible eviction and he says that if Pav stays it might be a sympathy vote. Of Zoe, Chris says that her Tesco comment was ‘a careless thing to say.’ Christopher says that he will be very surprised is Zoe was evicted.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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