Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 57 recap and highlights

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Here's your spoiler filled preview of tonight's daily Big Brother 2014 hghlights.

It's Day 57 and it’s the last full day in the house for Chris, Pav or Zoe.

As part of People Power week, Big Brother gathers the Housemates and tells them they will now have the chance to finally find out exactly what the public think of them. On the screen appears a panel of very opinionated viewers who are taking part in a Big Brother focus group:

He needs to grow some balls.
He’s the weakest one in the house.
His relationship with Mark is damaging his chances and he should cut ties with him.

She battled Helen and won, the only one that didn’t back down.
After a bit of time she now has a more leadership role.
She’s not the alpha female, that’s still Helen.
Helen underestimated her and is now trying to pit Ashleigh against Zoe.

Hugely misunderstood in the house.
Housemates should leave him alone and let him enjoy the experience.
Too quiet, ‘Pointless Pav.’

Started liking Christopher more when he heard the crowds cheering for him.
Least real Housemate.
Scared what people are going to think of his kiss with Christopher.
He needs to stop leading Christopher on.

The Tesco comment has changed people’s opinion of her.
She basically said that ordinary people are boring.
Her defence of the comment only made things worse.

He does like Helen but it might be more of a case of sexual frustration.
He was quite feisty early on, not so much now.
He might stay but only because people forget he’s there.

Socially awkward character.
Bit odd.
Would have come across better if he had been nicer to Pav.
Hugs people too much and has made himself a father figure in the house.

What you see is what you get.
He could go all the way.
His one liners make the public smile.

She’s malicious, manipulative and aggressive but has no game plan.
She’s a huge influence in the house.
She influences through fear.
She does have a caring side and she has a heart.
Helen is the most debated Housemate in the focus group.

The Focus Group is the talk of the house with Christopher one of the most put out. He says to Mark: ‘I speak my mind always.’ He also says: ‘It’s hateful that people don’t think I have the balls to stand up when I need to.’ Mark says that they are being portrayed as the bully and the victim and neither of them care for the labels they have been given by the public. Mark says: ‘I’ve never demanded anything in my life.’

Helen is concerned about how the comments from the panel will affect Mark and she says to Ash: ‘That’s going to f**k him up that is.’

Mark laughs off the comments from the panel to Zoe but she thinks he is putting on a front. She says to him that sometimes he can ‘spit his dummy when he doesn’t get his own way.’

The Housemates talk about the panel and Ash is angry that one woman said he had a nasty side. Helen observes that the panel kept contradicting themselves. Ash says: ‘They absolutely hammered Mark.’

Mark goes to the diary room to talk about his relationship with Christopher. He says: ‘I’ve lost myself in the past few days.’ He says he is confused about his relationship with Christopher and he has confused Christopher too. He says: ‘I don’t want to dampen his sparkle.’ He finally adds: ‘I’m responsible if this lad’s looking like a doormat.’

Chris talks to Ashleigh about his comments to Pav and tries to explain what he meant, he says of the relationships between the original Housemates: ‘It’s so precious, trying to preserve what we’ve got.’ He adds that he thinks that Pav understood the context of what he was saying. He also says that he doesn’t mind being looking creepy but doesn’t to appear to be creepy.

Mark says to the Housemates that the people from Christopher’s home town are probably burning effigies of him. Christopher says he probably won’t be ‘flavour of the day’ either as he is from a traditional Christian town. Helen tells them both that the gay community will be proud of them.

The Housemates discuss the panel’s comments about Helen and Ash’s ‘will they, wont they’ relationship. Helen doesn’t understand the interest as neither she nor Ash ever talk about it. Zoe tries to explain that it’s a TV show and that a potential romance will always be of interest. Helen says to Ash: ‘I don’t think we’re as close as we were.’ And Ash says to Helen: ‘Shall we just sh*g tonight?’ Winston tells Ash if they do he won’t be boring anymore in reference to one of the focus group comments.

Winston, Mark, Helen and Ash have a drink in the kitchen and talk about Helen and Ash’s future. Helen says, yes they have kissed, but it probably wouldn’t have happened outside of the Big Brother house. She says that she knows he doesn’t feel that way about her and she doesn’t feel that way about him and they will probably go their separate ways after the show but will remain friends and if sometimes that is friends with benefits then that’s fine. Ash isn’t too sure about this set up and jokingly says that he’s a catch and feels used and abused.

Mark goes to talk to Christopher and starts by telling him that he feels guilty and that he hasn’t been as open with him as she should have been. Mark says that he doesn’t want to be responsible for people thinking that Christopher is someone who will accept being picked up and dropped and that actually Christopher has more opinions that people give him credit for. Mark tells Christopher: ‘I value you in this house so f**king much.’ Christopher tells Mark that he gets him and had worked out that he was emotionally closed in week two. Mark tells Christopher that to him, he’s not supporting cast, he’s the leading man.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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