Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle's boyfriend hits out at Chris R Wright

chris wright

Ashleigh Coyle's boyfriend has claimed that she doesn't need Chris R Wright to stand up for her on Big Brother 2014.

Northern Ireland's Sean Hutton has been dating Ashleigh for two years and gave his opinion on her bizarre love triangle of sorts with Pav Paul and Chris R Wright.

After Chris confronted Pav for supposedly starring at Ashleigh, Sean said: "Before hand I really did like Chris, I still do but I think it's more personal towards Pav on Chris' behalf more than over the fact of Ashleigh. "

He explained: "I actually sympathize a great deal with Pav, the whole house has turned against him and I think this might just be another factor as to why Chris can have a go at him.

"That's what I pick up on, but I hope it isn't."

Sean went on: "I think everyone thinks it's an overreaction, it is a bit over the top, I personally wouldn't tell someone don't look.

"At the end of the day, Ashleigh's a woman for herself, I don't think Chris is really entitled to do that.

"I appreciate that he's being protective but there's a fine line with being over protective."

Meanwhile, Sean also spoke about writing his letter to Ashleigh which was read out by Chris on the show.

He said: "It was a bit hard for me to watch her cry , that's not what I intended obviously.

"But it was nice to see her jump about and get back to herself. I hope it will give her a bit of a kick to go on and get to the final, hopefully."

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