Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall is angry with viewers and producers

Big Brother Summer 2014

Christopher Hall isn't a happy bunny in the Big Brother 2014 house this evening.

It's after housemates got some home truths from viewers, with a panel of BBUK fans discussing the housemates and their actions in front of the group.

The viewer panel claimed that Christopher's relationship with Mark was "damaging" and that the Liverpudlian was "picking" on him.

Christopher was quick to defend Mark and instead took aim at the BBUK producers and viewers.

"I am absolutely fine," a clearly not fine Christopher said. "I'll tell you what annoys me, if the only scenes between me and mark shown are times when he shouts at me, then that's not the complete picture.

"That's literally a tenth of what goes on between us, seriously. I am so angry about that."

"They've made look like a complete mug, seriously. I'm always having a go at Mark, I yell at Mark as much as he yells at me. It just makes me feel like a mug."

Mark quipped: "You feel like a mug, I'm a national bully!"

Christopher then hit out at the fans, saying: "The people that commenting on don't have a clue, it's really infuriating."

Later, as Christopher ranted to BB in the Diary Room, Mark reflected on his comments from the viewers.

Mark was accused of being fake, and merging past popular Big Brother housemate personalities.

He laughed: "I'm a criminal genius to create this one character for 56 days. Do people really think I'd be capable of doing that?"

Ashleigh however was over the moon with her positive reaction, gushing: "It's nice to know that someone thinks I'd make a nice winner."

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