Big Brother 2014: Chris R Wright hits back at viewers over 'creepy' tag

Big Brother Summer 2014

Chris R Wright hits back at viewers on tonight's Big Brother 2014.

In tonight's show, The Housemates gather for the final part of this week's web themed shopping task.

The housemates are challenged to see if they can correctly guess the results in various categories from the public poll of 30,000 viewers on

Housemates guess who they think top and tail the poll category and then the actual poll results were revealed to the group.

The housemates name Pav the most creepy housemate but it's revealed the public voted Chris.

He goes to the Diary Room and explains that - unsurprisingly - he’s upset about being voted the most creepy.

Chris claims that anyone who thinks that he can’t be friends with Ashleigh because of her age and gender has Victorian values.

The task also sees the housemates rally around Helen after she's named the most two faced housemate.

The group are seen talking about why the public think Helen is the most two-faced in the house and Christopher says that you can call Helen a lot of things but not two faced. Chris says about Helen: "She’s kind of become loveable."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in tonight's show Pav apologises to Ashleigh for staring at her.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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