Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron fears being evicted next

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark Byron has predicted he'll be evicted if he faces eviction next week.

It's been a tough week for Mark who has been branded fake and false by viewers, as well as it being claimed he has 'strung Christopher along'.

Mark worried this evening: "If the whole house is up next week, I'll be the next one gone, a million percent.

"The only way I'll make it to the final is if I don't get nominated."

He repeated: "If the whole house goes up for nomination, I'll be out, no doubt."

Mark, who was also named the least boring housemate, went on: "I've entertained them for this long but if the whole house goes up I'll be the next one out, alongside these two [Zoe and Pav]."

Discussing the winner with Mark, Christopher Hall admitted: "I want someone who's been here from the start to win."

Helen Wood agreed and added: "I think maybe you Christopher."

Mark said: "I've thought that for a while [too], because you're so inoffensive. The most innocent."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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