Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 56 recap and highlights

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Here's a daily recap of the latest Big Brother 2014 goings on with a spoilerific look at tonight's highlights.

It's Day 56 in the house and Mark comments on Christopher’s morning appearance and says it looks like he’s p**ed himself, as Christopher has sat on a wet patch on the garden furniture.

Chris and Mark talk about the Housemates state of mind and Mark asks: ‘Do you think everyone has gone mad?’ Chris replies: ‘Yeah, I know I have.’ Mark says: ‘Why does everyone think that everyone is a secret agent.’

Zoe tells Mark about her satisfactory bowel movements.

Helen talks to Zoe about the joy of motherhood and says that when her son was born, ‘I never wanted to let him go.’

The Housemates speculate on the on-going shopping task and Christopher wonders: ‘What on earth else can they do to us?’ Ashleigh takes offence to this as she thinks they can do a lot more especially to her who she feels hasn’t been ‘degraded’ as much as some of the other Housemates. Christopher can’t deal with Ashleigh’s bad mood and walks off. Mark says: ‘It can always get worse.’

Chris and Mark talk about the row between Christopher and Ashleigh, Chris says that Christopher is upset and that Ashleigh needs to calm down. Mark says he wanted to intervene but had been told by Christopher that he needs to fight his own battles.

Mark goes to the bedroom to talk to Christopher about his row with Ashleigh and Christopher says: ‘I won’t be spoken to like that and she can jog right on if she thinks otherwise.’

Mark talks to Zoe about his concern about how he might appear to his family in the house. He thinks the way ‘he has carried on’ might be a surprise to his family and that they might not be proud of him. Zoe assures him that kissing is nothing as his concern is regarding his relationship with Christopher. Mark says that his family is traditional and they have never seen him like this with someone as he has never been in a relationship and that he should have been more open with them before he went in the house.

Chris hugs Christopher and asks if Ashleigh has apologised to him.

The Housemates gather for the final of this week's shopping task to see if they can match up the categories from the public poll of 30,000 viewers on Housemates guess who they think top and tail the poll category and then the actual poll results were revealed to them.

As the Housemates only managed to get 3/11 correct they have failed the task and they must wear their category signs until further notice.

Helen talks to Ashleigh about the public thinking that she is manipulative and she says: ‘If I need to manipulate a situation, like I have done in the past, then I will do.’

Mark and Christopher have a tiff as Christopher doesn’t want to chop garlic for Mark, he does offer to wash more dishes instead but Mark tells him to forget it. Mark does go and apologise to him and says sorry for shouting at him.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to reveal the results of the shopping task. This week’s interactive shopping task gave the viewers the chance to make their views known, in order to pass the task the Housemates need to accumulate more hits than the number saved on the USB key. They scored 5,000 hits but the number on the USB key was 10,000 so they have failed this week’s shopping task and will be on basic rations for the week.

The next task sees the Housemates given cards with a question and a Housemate name, they then have to answer the questions about that Housemate and also a question about themselves in front of the group. If the Housemates answer honestly Big Brother will provide a reward.

Ash – Ash tells Helen she must stop flying off the handle.

Chris – Ashley. I really love it when you – See the best in people. I really hate it when you – boss me around in the kitchen.

Helen – Christopher. The biggest think I’ve learned from you – You really are a genuine, sweet guy and you want to be everyone’s friend in the house for the right reasons. The thing that annoys me most about the house – pubes.

Mark – Winston. The thing I find most surprising about you – You’re a lot cleverer than people give you credit for. Biggest regret – Getting involved in other people’s arguments.

Christopher – Mark. When you walk into a room – You always smile at me when you walk in the room and I think you have a lovely smile.

Pav – Ash. When I first met you I thought you were – Really chilled out.

Zoe – Chris. If I could change one thing about you – It would be to be less worried about your relationship with Ashleigh.

Winston – Most changed opinion – Ashleigh.

Ashleigh – Zoe. Best quality – Bubbly. Worst quality – Needs to show more emotion. Which Housemates means the most to you – Chris.

Ash gives Helen a massage and tells him that prefers to give massages rather than receive them.

The Housemates talk about why the public think Helen is the most two-faced in the house and Christopher says that you can call Helen a lot of things but not two faced. Chris says about Helen: ‘She’s kind of become loveable.’

Chris says to Mark: ‘Do you exaggerate – yes, are you melodramatic – yes, but you’re not fake.’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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