Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood worries over 'manipulative' tag

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother's Helen Wood has take being branded the most manipulative housemate to heart.

In yesterday's latest internet based shopping task challenge, the housemates played a game where they worked for and had to guess who the audience prefers based on different categories.

All Housemates went into the website and place themselves in order from Most to Least based on the given category.

But the group incorrectly branded Chris the most two faced when it was in fact Helen.

She snapped: "Me? I can not believe that! I'm f**king fuming."

Helen was also branded the most manipulative housemate by us viewers, however the had housemates named Ashleigh.

Helen bitched: "Oh my God, are they taking the piss?"

After the task, Helen admitted she perhaps knew why she had got the tags.

"I think I've sussed why certain things... why it may be, when I tried working a situation to mine and someone else's advantage..." she said vaguely to some of the other housemates.

Later speaking in the bedroom, Helen confessed: " It's really worried me, I'm not angry with the viewers for saying it I just think 'F**k, what have I done?'

"It doesn't inspire people in the house, when it got said. Only a couple of people were shocked, I was like 'Is this what you all think?' F**king arseholes!"

Helen then seemed to try and convince herself it wasn't all bad, arguing: "I don't think being manipulative is all that negative sometimes.

"If I need to, I will manipulate a situation if I had to."

The highlights and fallout will air on Thursday night on Channel 5.

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