Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did housemates pass this week's shopping task?

Big Brother Summer 2014

The results of this week's digital themed Big Brother shopping task.

Over the past two days, housemates have taken part in a variety of web themed challenges in order to accumulate 'hits'.

First up, each Housemate had to film record a 20 second video, with the aim of it going viral. Big Brother provided them with a variety of costumes and props and they can do whatever they like. For passing this task, the group won 1,000 hits.

In the second part of the week’s task, for 3,000 hits, Christopher, Winston and Pav had to become webcam boys and must fulfil celebrity ex-Housemate Luisa Zissman’s every demand.

And for the third part, Ash, Chris, Mark and Zoe became a human search engine, answering questions from the public. For each question answered correctly and honestly, Housemates won a number of hits towards their total.

After Day 1, the total stood at 5,000 hits.

Today, housemates played a game where they entered a Housemate Comparison Website and guessed who the audience prefers based on different categories, with results coming from an online viewer poll. All Housemates must go into the website and place themselves in order from Most to Least based on the given category.

But as they failed to correctly guess the what the public thought the majority of the time, the won no hits.

It was revealed tonight that the housemates needed a total of 10,000 hits to pass.

As a result, with only 5,000 hits, the group failed rather badly, meaning a week of basic rations.

Zoe squealed: "I don't like chick peas!"

BBUK continues nightly on Channel 5.

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