Big Brother 2014: Did Helen Wood know Ash Harrison before entering?

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother 2014 housemates Helen Wood and Ash Harrison could be a lot closer than they seem.

On last night's show we saw the pair getting rather close under the covers as the show ended.

Exactly what was going on between the pair wasn't clear and we'll probably never know for sure, but we can had a good guess...

Now some doubt has been cast on just how long the couple have known one another.

It's been revealed this week that Ash's ex-girlfriend Amber Leigh is a make up artist... and pals with Helen.

But not only that, Amber - who dated Ash for over a year - also works alongside Helen in her salon.

Although with Ash and Helen coming from the same area it's no surprise their is some connection between them.

Meanwhile, Ash's mum has revealed she hopes that her son doesn't end up going all the way in the house.

She told new! magazine of the prospect of watching him have sex on the telly: "I'd be on the next plane to Tenerife because nobody would know over there!

"I'd just be so embarrassed and mortified".

We wonder what she made of last night's house action?

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