Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Helen Wood livid after being branded 'two faced'

Big Brother Summer 2014

The BBUK housemates got a chance to learn what the public thought of them today, and not everyone was amused.

For today's latest People Power twist and internet based shopping task, the housemates played a game where they entered a Housemate Comparison Website and had to guess who the audience prefers based on different categories.

All Housemates went into the website and place themselves in order from Most to Least based on the given category.

If housemates correctly guessed the most and least positions they would win hits for the task, with at least half needing to be correct to past.

The group got some spot on, no doubt with help of yesterday's task too.

Zoe was correctly branded the most stuck up while Mark was also correctly branded the most fake.

But the group incorrectly branded Chris the most two faced when it was in fact Helen.

She snapped: "Me? I can not believe that! I'm f**king fuming."

Helen was also branded the most manipulative housemate, with the housemates naming Ashleigh.

Helen once again reacted: "Oh my God, are they taking the piss?"

In all the group managed to only get three of the 11 categories correct and so failed this part of the task.

The highlights and fallout will air on Thursday night on Channel 5.

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