Big Brother 2014: Housemates get exposed with questions from public

Big Brother Summer 2014

The Big Brother 2014 housemates have to answer some tough questions from viewers on tonight's show.

Ash, Chris, Mark and Zoe become a human search engine, answering questions from the public in a task.

Ash, is asked "Who would you snog, marry and avoid out of Helen, Ashleigh and Zoe?" Ash says he would snog Helen, Marry Zoe “because she can sing to me for the rest of my life” and avoid Ashleigh

Zoe is asked "Why do you think you’re above people? What is your problem with ‘normal’ people such as those that work in Tesco?" A surprised Zoe responds saying, “I’ve never said that in my life…I’m not even answering that, it’s a load of rubbish” In the living room, Helen shouts at the screen that Zoe is not telling the truth. When Mark defends Zoe, Helen remarks, “Shut up Mark…he looks like a d*ck now”

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark, is asked "Why do you think being fake and acting dumb is going to win you Big Brother?" An incredulous Mark says he’s “fu*king furious” and denies being fake, stupid or thinking he will win. Ash jokes, “Even though he is going to win Big Brother, he hasn’t got a clue about it!”

Chris is asked "Why did you tell Pav that he has been staring at Ashleigh when everyone knows that it’s you that fancies her?" Chris says that he talked to Pav privately and denies fancying Ashleigh. All the Housemates agree and Ashleigh comments that “this is weird”

In round two, Ash is asked: "If Helen wasn’t there to hide your boringness and back you up, do you think you would still be in the House?" Ash laughs and says that he would have been evicted by now, “because I’m so boring” Helen remarks that it “pissed me off that he gets tarred with me, and me with him”

Zoe is told: "Stop meddling in Ash and Helen’s relationship. Are you jealous of Helen?" Zoe is shocked and suggests that the only person meddling is Big Brother. Helen hides her face in the living area and shouts, “fu*king cringe…I’ve gone red, I never go red” Ash, reads the question and ponders, “What does relationship mean?”

Mark is asked "You accuse Pav of game playing yet you are dragging Christopher along like a toy, picking him up and dropping him. Why?" Mark says that it’s “fu*king disgusting” to accuse him of doing so, admitting that he can “speak to him like sh*t” before adding that he thinks very highly of Christopher and thinks a lot of him

Big Brother Summer 2014

After the task, Zoe talks to Big Brother about the viewer’s questions and her comment towards Tesco workers. Zoe sates she was “really mad” as she’s “not that person” and has “purposely gone my whole life making sure I’ve never once been above myself”

Mark meanwhile tells Christopher that he’s “so upset” by the earlier questions and admits he’s lost people before because he is so “emotionally closed”. Christopher advises him to listen and to “stop defending everybody”. Mark concludes that he thinks “This is my lesson”

Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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