Big Brother 2014: Chris Wright still angry with Pav Paul and gushes about Ashleigh Coyle

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother 2014s Chris Wright is still angry with Pav Paul in tonight's show, as he continues to gush about Ashleigh Coyle.

In this evening's highlights, Pav speaks to Big Brother and says that he feels better today but also a “bit apprehensive about what’s going to happen”

He goes on to add that there was a lot of truth in his letter from home, noting that his “amazing support structure and network” gives him faith and belief in himself

Meanwhile, Chris talks to Ash and Ashleigh about Pav wanting to win Big Brother and says that “he wants that f**king hundred grand…”

Ashleigh says that it’s unlikely he will win as she thinks he will leave on Friday but Chris notes that “it might not be that plain sailing”

Big Brother Summer 2014

Later, Chris says to Ash: “Ashleigh is the ghost of girlfriends past, she’s every bit the type of girl I would have gone for at 24…I think the world of her."

Meanwhile, Zoe tells Chris that she doesn’t think he comes across as “creepy towards Ashleigh…As a woman watching it, there’s not one moment that’s passed my mind…it comes across as an older father figure who wants to protect her”

Helen adds that he comes across as a “friend in a more leading role” and Ashleigh adds that there will always be someone who doesn’t understand male and female friendships, noting that her boyfriend would not be jealous

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Pav talks to some of the Housemates in the garden and admits that he feels like a “wrong ‘un” in the House. Winston tells Pav about Matthew’s comments in a previous task telling Housemates not to trust Pav.

Pav defends himself saying “I’ve seen things about everyone before I came in, and I came in and I didn’t judge people based on what I’d seen”.

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark admits he kept Pav at arm’s length because “the person that I saw in the VT was a completely different person that came in here”

Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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