Big Brother 2014 housemates to learn what the public REALLY think of them

Big Brother Summer 2014

Th Big Brother 2014 housemates are set to get a heap of outside knowledge today.

In the latest part of this week's internet based shopping task and People Power quiz, the housemates will be given all the results from an online poll.

Earlier in the week, us viewers were asked to rank the remaining nine housemates in a series of categories.

Today, housemates are going to play a game where they enter a 'Housemate Comparison Website' and guess who the audience prefers based on different categories.

All Housemates must go into the website and place themselves in order from Most to Least based on the given category.

In order to pass the task, Housemates must guess the ‘Most’ and ‘Least’ positions correctly for a given number of categories, including:

* Most stuck up
* Most Creepy
* Most Two-Faced
* Most Boring
* Most on the fence
* Most unhygienic
* Plays up to the camera the most
* Most lazy
* Most manipulative
* Most False
* Most interesting

The true results are sure to impact the house!

You can watch the first part of the task on tonight's show from 10PM, where the housemates are asked tough questions by the public.

They include one asking if Chris fancies Ashleigh and another puts Zoe on the spot about being 'stuck up'.

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