Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 55 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your daily recap of Big Brother 2014 highlights with a spoiler filled preview of tonight's show.

Housemates wake up to the sound of an old fashioned internet dial up, providing a clue to what lies in store for this week’s shopping task! In the living area, Chris spots a giant laptop and remarks, “What am I laughing at? This is going to be f**king s**t” and tells Mark “I don’t want outside interference”

For the first part of this week’s shopping task, each Housemate must record a 20 second video, with the aim of it going viral. The Housemate that gets the most ‘likes’ of their video will win an individual prize, and if they reach over a given amount of ‘likes’ overall, they will receive the maximum number of hits for the task. Big Brother provides them with a variety of costumes and props and they can do whatever they like. The public will then decide which video they think is the best.

Helen is the first Housemate to record her video and performs a 20 second workout, dressed as Tony the T-Rex

Chris spends 20 seconds telling everything he knows about football, which is precisely nothing

Ash, dressed in a mankini, performs a dance while playing a tambourine

Finally, Winston sings a song before smashing his guitar on the floor, destroying the set!

Christopher admits to Ashleigh that he and Mark had a kiss last night, before he sent him back to his own bed. Mark then joins the conversation and tells Christopher, who is wearing his top, that he can keep it, as it suits him and he doesn’t have as many clothes in the House

Christopher talks to Big Brother about his “friendship/relationship” with Mark and admits that while he loves his “melodramatic” character, he doesn’t like it when he creates a scene in front of the other Housemates, admitting “If you’re trying to embarrass me or make a mockery out of me publically, please don’t do that because I won’t hang around Mark” When questioned about what he wants from the relationship, Christopher admits that he doesn’t know where it’s going as there are some trust issues, saying “if you’re not prepared to show a bit of faith in me, I don’t think it’s going to work”

Mark has asked Helen to give his hair a trim. In the bedroom, Chris admits, “I wouldn’t let Helen do it” and Ashleigh agrees, “never in a million years”. Meanwhile, Mark looks concerned as Helen continues to cut his hair, very short, to the amusement of the other Housemates. Ashleigh observes, “It honestly doesn’t suit him at all…from the front, the side, the back, the top, nothing!”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to reveal the second part of today’s task. In order to earn 3,000 hits, Christopher, Winston and Pav will become webcam boys and must fulfil celebrity ex-Housemate Luisa Zissman’s every demand:

First up, Christopher dresses in a pig outfit and, on all fours, proclaims, “Hi Queen Luisa, I’m your little piggy!” “Bad piggy” Christopher admits to kissing Mark in the House, prompting Mark to exclaim, “I fu*king hate Luisa!”

Next up, Winston, dressed in a red PVC thong, roars like a lion

Finally, Pav becomes Luisa’s “tasty little sandwich” by smothering himself in peanut butter and jelly and slamming two cream pies in his face

Winston talks to Helen about the webcam boys task and admits that “Pav was cracking up” before he performed because he was unsure of what to expect. Helen says, “you could tell he was thinking, ‘s**t, I’m next’”

Chris and Ashleigh discuss Winston and note that he changes the way he speaks around new people. Chris suggests that when he leaves the House, “he should be the person he is around us”, before recalling a conversation between Ash and Winston where he admitted he wasn’t very popular at school

For the next part of the shopping task, Ash, Chris, Mark and Zoe become a human search engine, answering questions from the public. For each question answered correctly and honestly, Housemates will win a number of hits towards their total.

Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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