Big Brother 2014 housemates turn against Mark Byron over 'lies'

Big Brother Summer 2014

The BBUK house has turned against Mark Byron after revelations in the latest task.

In the house last night, some of the group were confronted with no nonsense questions from the public.

They included Chris fancying Ashleigh, Zoe looking down on people and Mark's acting up and 'lies'.

Four housemates in all - Zoe, Mark, Ash, and Chris - were faced with the selected questions from the public which had been sent in via Twitter, and had to HONESTLY discuss and answer the questions that appeared to pass the task.

Mark was asked why he had lied to Helen and Ash about his involvement in the Power Alliance, placing the blame onto Ashleigh and Chris.

He first denied ever saying it but Big Brother then warned: "Big Brother would like to remind housemates are based on things viewers have seen on the show," adding that "continuing to deny the questions are accurate will fail the task".

After the task it seemed that the eyes of the other housemates had been well and truly opened.

Ash confessed: "He reacted so over the top when he really should've just had a normal reaction, he was showing off as the Mark we think... I thought 'You need to stop doing that now'.

"For the first time ever I thought, don't play up too much."

Helen agreed: "When I watched him tonight, this is the first point where I thought 'You have f**ked it with the public'. I think they've seen certain things..."

The task highlights and fallout air in Big Brother this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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