Big Brother 2014: 'Creepy' Chris Wright denies fancying Ashleigh Coyle

Big Brother Summer 2014

Chris R Wright has denied having a crush on Ashleigh Coyle in Big Brother 2014.

Yesterday evening's highlights show saw Chris branded 'creepy' over his relationship with Ashleigh, with the hashtag 'Creepy Chris' even trending on Twitter in the UK.

In the house last night, Chris was confronted this view of him by the public in a new task.

As part of this week's People Power twist, us viewers have been able to send in questions via Twitter (using the #BBtask hashtag), which had to be answered by the Housemates.

Four housemates - Zoe, Mark, Ash, and Chris - were faced with selected questions from the public and had to HONESTLY discuss and answer the questions that appeared to pass the task.

Big Brother asked: "Chris, why did you tell Pav to stop staring at Ashleigh when everyone knows it's you that fancies her?"

The question shocked the house, with Chris first explaining his reasons for talking to Pav: "We were given some information from other sources that Pav was infatuated with Ashleigh. "

He added: "I don't think he was fully aware he was doing it. He should know. I wouldn't want to be accused of that or being doing it and not be aware of it."

Chris went on to say: "I do not fancy Ashleigh, there's no reason not to fancy Ashleigh but I do not fancy her."

Ashleigh reacted back in the living area: "It's a bit strange, he's like really... he's 33 years of age."

Zoe also came under attack following her remarks about 'Tesco workers', with one viewer asking why she felt she was above everyone else.

However Zoe revealed she's worked in shops herself and insisted that she would've never said she was above other people.

The task highlights and fallout air tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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