Big Brother 2014: Pav Paul covers himself in jelly for latest task

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Three unlucky Big Brother housemates became webcam boys in last night's latest task.

This week's internet v housemates shopping task requires the group to occur 'hits' in various web based tasks.

After making viral videos, three Housemates - Pav, Christopher and Winston - become webcam boys.

They were controlled by former Celebrity Big Brother housemate turned Bit On The Side blabbermouth Luisa Zissman from behind the scenes.

Pav, Christopher and Winston had to keep to her every demand for the given period of time in order to pass the task and get hits for the group's total.

bbuk webcam christopher 2

This involved working with props and being as outrageous (read: degrading) as possible.

If they complete all the demands given to them, they will pass this task with the maximum number of hits.

Amongst the various things Luisa had the group do were getting Christopher to dress up as a pig outfit before playing with a paddle.

bbuk webcam christopher 1

Winston had to string down to a very tight red leather thong before putting on a show of strength while poor Pav ended up having to make himself into a 'human peanut butter and jelly sandwich'.

bbuk webcam christopher 3

The new housemate had to smother himself in jelly and peanut butter before sticking on slices of bread to his stomach.

And as a final humiliation, Pav had to sandwich his face in flan cases.

bbuk webcam pav

The webcam action and the rest of the task will air in tonight's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the viral videos below...