Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron and Christopher Hall snog again!

Big Brother Summer 2014

Mark Byron and Christopher Hall snog again on tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

In this evening's show, Christopher is seen talking to Pav and Helen about Mark following the previous night's argument and says that he “had no idea he was genuine about this psychic sh*t…I thought he was taking the pi*s with it”

Helen adds that she thinks he’s “convinced” before apologising for landing him “in the sh*t” with Mark

Later, Mark apologises to Christopher for their argument last night, admitting that he “was quite drunk”

Later on, Mark gets upset after missing his letter from home and tells Christopher that he’s “proper upset” that his letter was deleted.

Mark explains that hhe thinks his family won’t be proud of him for the way he’s carried on.

He adds that “most of my family, when I told them I was coming on this, stopped speaking to me” Christopher reassures him that he’s doing well and goes on to discuss whether his relationships with his family will be the same when he leaves the House.

He worries that he could have ruined relationships and caused tensions with his family, many of whom didn’t know he was gay. Mark comforts him saying they “will love you no matter what” before adding, “You stink of onions!”

Come nighttime, Mark and Christopher kiss under the covers, before Christopher moves to his own bed, with a smile on his face

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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