Big Brother 2014: Chris Wright LOVES Ashleigh Coyle (and gets mad with Pav again)

Big Brother Summer 2014

Chris R Wright's problem with Pav Paul continues on Big Brother 2014 tonight, while he admits to being in LOVE with Ashleigh Coyle.

At the start of the show, Chris discusses being up for eviction with Big Brother and says, “I am happy to go but I would rather not go before Pav or Zoe because I’ve been here for so long and made so much ground.

"I feel like once they are out of the picture, the rest of the House can go in any order”

Chris gets angrier with Pav later after the newbie housemate gets a letter from home.

He tells Christopher: “I’m so pleased that Pav got that letter…but why the f*ck? He’s only been here two and a half weeks!”

Chris goes on to discuss Pav's attitudes towards girls and money saying “he is shallow” and that it’s “bugging the f**k out of me” the way he looks at Ashleigh.

Big Brother Summer 2014

Christopher says - like the rest of the house - he hasn't noticed but Chris insists: “It’s not my place to be like the jealous boyfriend…It just winds me up, I feel protective over her”

Chris then admits “I’ve sat and looked at Ashleigh probably a dozen times because I just love her”

Chris is also seen talking to Ashleigh herself about her letter from her boyfriend and says “I just want to tell him how lucky he is."

Chris adds to the 18-year-old: “When we get out of here, I’m giving you the biggest hug you’ve ever had”

Elsewhere in tonight's show and Zoe also comes under attack, with Mark, Ashleigh and Helen discussing Zoe’s reaction to being put up for eviction, where she suggested they saw her as competition.

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ashleigh says that it was “weird to say something like that and an insult to everybody else” The conversation moves on to Zoe’s response to having things thrown at her in the street, which she attributes to jealousy.

Helen says, “I’ve had stuff done to me, but I know why…I’ve f**king been bricked but I wouldn’t sit there and say anything”

Meanwhile, Zoe tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that she feels “absolutely fine” about facing eviction because “no one thinks anything bad of us at all, apparently…unless they’re lying to my face!”

She goes on to say that she hopes the public will keep her in the House, “because I want to be here till the end…I really, really, really do”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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