Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 54 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother UK highlights as (some) housemates get letters from home.

Yesterday, the Housemates were told that the public has the Power and they have chosen Ashleigh to be immune from this week’s eviction. All of the Housemates then nominated and Pav, Zoe and Chris all face the public vote this week

He goes on to discuss Pav, saying “I don’t think he knows me well enough to say if I’ve done something nasty” Ashleigh joins the conversation and they reference Pav saying that he had to stick up for Christopher because no one else will. Mark is adamant that he does and they go on to suggest that Pav is trying to come across as a saint, because he is up for the public vote. Christopher ponders if Pav is using his intelligence to make friends in the House or for more “sinister” reasons. Mark observes that “You should use your intelligent powers for good, and not for evil”

Meanwhile, Ash is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Helen. He says they are just mates who kiss, probably just because they sleep in the same bed. He says they’ll probably sleep in different beds from Friday once there enough beds for one each.

Winston, Ash and Mark talk about which vegetable they are most like. Mark says that he is “a pineapple, something a bit exotic”, Ash chooses a strawberry and Winston says he is a tomato because it’s “fresh, got seeds in” Pav joins the conversation and describes himself as a grape “because they’re easy going” before suggesting that bananas are “quite cool”. Mark disagrees because they bruise too easily

Christopher tells Ashleigh about his relationship with Mark, admitting that they held hands at first before having their first kiss, “a full on snog”, under the pillows, admitting that Mark is “a really good kisser”. Ashleigh offers her advice saying that “relationships are all about compromising” adding that it’s “so cute”

Winston is called to the Diary Room, while the rest of the Housemates watch from the sofas, and is told that the public has chosen him to decide who will receive letters from home. Big Brother then shows him pictures of two Housemates and he must decide which one will receive a letter and which will have their letter deleted:

Mark and Helen: Winston chooses Helen to receive the letter because she “really needs a letter because she’s got her kids…it will probably mean a lot to her”

Ash and Chris: Winston chooses Ash to receive a letter because Chris is “relaxed about the situation…he’s more of a father figure” adding that Ash would love it

Zoe and Pav: Winston chooses Pav because he’s “been a bit quiet the last couple of days…he might be a little bit homesick…maybe he’s had a hard time fitting in as well…”

Ashleigh and Christopher: Winston chooses Ashleigh because “it’s going to mean a lot” The decision leaves Ashleigh in tears and Christopher notes that Winston is “so switched on”

Ash speculates about his letter from home will be from his Mum and that she’ll joke he should stay away from Helen

Winston delivers letters from home to the Housemates, prompting tears from everyone:

Mark reads Helen’s letter from her friend Michelle, who says “we are all so proud of you, you’ve finally let your barriers down” and highlights her relationship with Ash saying “He is very welcome to come round for tea”. Helen and Ash both seem embarrassed

Ashleigh reads a letter from Ash’s Mum, who tells him “you have great support out here” and “you have made some good mates”

Christopher reads Winston’s letter from his Mum who says she’s proud and jokes that Biannca is looking forward to seeing him. She also says “The police have dropped off an application form for joining the force as a detective”

Zoe reads Pav his letter from his family who says he is “brave and totally inspiring” The letter also mentions “not losing sight of the end goal”

Chris reads Ashleigh’s letter from her boyfriend who says he is proud of how she has “handled yourself and bounced back from horrible situations”

After the Housemates receive their letters, all the Housemates are emotional and Pav and Chris hug in the garden. Pav says, “I don’t think I’ve been here as long, but I’ve struggled” Chris comforts him saying “You’ve got a good family...I’m so happy you got yours” Zoe and Pav then hug and Pav admits, “I’m so happy you’re here, I couldn’t do it without you” Zoe spots a rainbow and all the Housemates join to watch, but emotions get the better of Mark and he walks off. Helen says, “I’ll never forget this day, ever”

Mark cries in the bathroom while Christopher waits for him outside

Helen tells Big Brother that she is “so, so, so happy” after receiving her letter from adding that her friends would like Ash “as my mate…there’s isn’t anything else there” Helen also says that she’s glad Pav got a letter from home but that there appeared to be some references to keeping your eyes on the prize which she described as “awkward”

Pav talks to Big Brother about receiving his letter from home and says, “I’m just as deserving as everyone else…if the letter hadn’t come when it did, I don’t think I could have carried on…” he also states that “I’ve never been around so many people and felt so alone in my life”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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