Big Brother 2014: Who is leaving disgusting dirty underwear in the bedroom?

Helen Learns Kim Not Returning

One Big Brother 2014 housemate has been causing a health scare with their dirty drawers.

The disgusting contestant has been leaving soiled underwear in the bedroom, which has prompted the housemates into a cleaning frenzy.

Kimberly Kisselovich was forced out of the house due to illness while Helen Wood has also become sick in recent days.

But don't get too excited just yet folks - she's still there.

The Daily Star newspaper reports and no fewer than three pairs of stinking woman's pants have been found in beds, prompting the group to worry about "getting diseases".

Evicted housemate Steven Goode revealed to the newspaper today: “It’s proper filthy in there. There’s food lying around everywhere. It stinks.

"And someone is leaving these s****y pants and knickers around.

“We are trying to narrow down the suspects. It’s disgusting.”

Earlier in the series, pest controllers had to enter the house to deal with giant RATS that had made their way into the house.

Former housemate Matthew Davies said at the time: "Big Brother locked us in the bedroom and we couldn’t get out – they even turned our lights off.

"They got someone in and the rat was evicted quite quickly"

A spokesperson for Channel 5 refused to comment.

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