Big Brother 2014: Pav Paul's letter from home prompts bitching

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It seems that poor Pav Paul can't do anything right in the Big Brother 2014 house.

Last night saw letters from home delivered to the group, and a comment in Pav's message got the whole house talking.

Behind his back, obviously.

In Pav's letter, his friends and family told him "do not lose sight of the end goal," prompting much speculation.

Some housemates however seemed to have heard what they wanted to, convinced that the letter had actually told Pav not to lose sight of the "prize".

Housemates - including Ashleigh Coyle, Helen Wood, Mark Byron and Chris Wright - were also suspicious of how "very detailed" Pav's letter was.

"Considering he's only been gone two weeks," Helen remarked, "My mates would not have said any of that."

Ashleigh suggested: "But he could have a completely different goal coming in here... but that was a very bad thing to say..."

Chris meanwhile remarked: "There is a money thing involved in this for him... but he's still a person and it was nice to hear his letter."

Later on and Ashleigh and new BFF Helen bonded, as Helen declared: "I'd never thought I'd see the day in this house where I'd be genuinely happy for something to do with Ashleigh.

"It's only took us f**king eight weeks now we've got all the boring obstacles out the way."

Ashleigh laughed as Helen added: "[Danielle] was the hurdle that we needed to kick out the way."

Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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