Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle, Helen Wood bitch about Zoe Birkett

Big Brother Summer 2014

Zoe Birkett has come under attack from Ashleigh Coyle, Mark Byron and Helen Wood in the BBUK house.

And suggesting that the original housemates will use any excuse to smear the newbies, Zoe's big error was asking not to have to do the household chores on the Friday.

In setting up a rota for the group when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the house (it's only taken them eight ruddy weeks), Zoe said she'd rather spend Friday getting ready for the eviction.

She quipped: "I'm going to be up every week anyway."

Retreating to the bathroom for a bit of a bitch, Ashleigh reacted: "I was like, 'You're giving me reasons to nominate you, don't do it!'"

She went on: "I think Pav is doing better than she is, I know he's angry but he's not making digs like she is.

"Every chance she gets she makes a dig.

"I can't stand people like that who make digs but can't come out and say it."

Helen agreed: "They need to realise that they've come in five weeks in down the line, they've not been here since the start, my loyalties lie with them [the original housemates[.

"If I get the choice of who's in the final it's the people I've been with from the start."

And Mark concurred too: "They've had a journey, they've not just come in for a week's holiday."

BB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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