Big Brother 2014: Steven Goode, Kimberly Kisselovich's explicit sex scenes cut

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Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich's more explicit sex scenes were cut from Big Brother 2014.

While we saw the pair have 'Big Brother's most graphic sex ever', it really wasn't much more than a bum moving under some covers for a couple of seconds.

However, now they're both out of the house, Steven and Kimberly have revealed that in all they had sex five times inside and tried out places other than the bedroom.

Kimberly and Steven attempted nooky in the bathroom but found it too "uncomfortable" while the pod was ruled out for not being "discreet" enough.

So instead they decided to do it in the same room as 10 other people and 40 odd cameras...

In a chat with the Daily Star newspaper, Steven said he had no regrets and claimed that the pair's love making was "romantic".

“We woke up and thought: ‘Oh God, this will be shown.’ But we’d passed the point of no return by then," he explained. “In the end we thought: ‘It’s the natural thing to do.’

“This was not a dirty one-night stand like Geordie Shore.

“It was romantic and discreet.”

And Steven also insisted that Kimberly's mystery illness was not pregnancy, saying: “No way. Trust me – that first night I came prepared. And afterwards Big Brother provided me with condoms.

“They said it was their moral responsibility.”

He added: "Kimberly is certainly a lot better now.

“I was so relieved she was there waiting for me.”