Big Brother 2014: Mark Byron kicks off with Christopher Hall in most bizarre row yet

Big Brother Summer 2014

One of the most bizarre and surreal rows broke out in the Big Brother 2014 house last night.

And we're still not entirely sure just how real - or not - it was.

It all started when Mark Byron gave a spookily accurate psychic reading to Christopher Hall.

It turned out that Christopher was just going along with whatever Mark had said and this wound up the Liverpudlian to the point that he explained.

He told Ashleigh, shockingly seriously: "I've been genuinely concerned all week that I've lost my psychic powers, terrified in fact.

"I thought I'd finally got my powers back but it was all lies. He's lied to me."

Mark stormed: "That's it. I've been absolutely hoodwinked in front of the f**king nation, he's f**king hoodwinked me.

"Someone who I thought was my friend has taken me to the f**king cleaners. He's absolutely f**king hoodwinked me."

Mark confronted a giggling Christopher, who - along with the other housemates - wasn't taking Mark as seriously as he was taking himself

"What's your game? What's your game plan?" Mark questioned. "If I have not got my powers back I am walking out now.

"How could you do that to me Christopher?"

After claiming that his previous psychic predictions were always right - we're assuming that he's forgotten about the non existent Scottish housemate - Mark stormed away to leave Christopher rather baffled.

"Is he putting that on?" Christopher asked the other housemates. "That's not really him, is it? I don't know with him, that's what freaks me out."

Pav claimed: "I think he's actually pissed".

Although whether that's angry pissed, drunk pissed or - most likely - both wasn't quite clear.

In the end, Christopher and Mark settled down to chat things out, as the other housemates listened on as they tried to contain their laughter...

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