Big Brother 2014 nominations: Housemates react!


The news of this week's Big Brother nominations has shocked the house, with some housemates getting a bit annoyed.

But it's not because they're up for eviction.

Earlier this evening, Big Brother revealed the latest nomination results with a total of three housemates facing eviction: Pavandeep Paul, Zoe Birkett and Chris R Wright

Both Pav and Zoe took it on the chin, saying that they expected it.

In a chat away from the old housemates, Pav told Zoe: "It's all good in the hood. I knew, I was only nervous about watching it and listening to everyone say their reasons. That's the only thing I'm concerned about.

"I know I'm going ton Friday, so I'm cool. I'd actually prefer to go Friday than to stay until the final with these lot.. I'm just not as excited about it anymore."

Zoe replied: "I don't feel anyone doesn't like far everyone has given us the time of day.

"It's cool man, we've all nominated each other, we just gotta crack on."

Back in the living area, the original housemates seemed slightly annoyed at the lack of reaction from the other group.

Helen Wood complained: "I don't know what I find more annoying, people who act really badly or people who act like they knew all along."

And yet she was pals with Steven...

Ashleigh Coyle on the other hand remarked: "He [Pav] so knows..oh I can't say that... I could tell by the way he hugged me that he thinks I nominated him."

Vote for who you want to be kicked out of the current three who face eviction in our poll below...

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Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5, with the latest eviction this Friday night at 9PM with host Emma Willis.

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