Big Brother 2014: Newbies Pav and Zoe still under attack

Big Brother Summer 2014

New BBUK housemates Pavandeep Paul and Zoe Birkett are still getting a tough time from the original group.

The pair seem to have united the 'old housemates who entered on Day One of this year's series, with Ashleigh Coyle, Helen Wood, Ash Harrison and Chris R Wright all getting together to gossip about the newbie pair.

"They're here to do something aren't they," Ash declared.

"Yes, but it's just by their presence," Chris claimed. "I'm convinced by that. As people I quite like them both..."

"I'm very wary of the guy [Pav]," Ash added.

Helen was more blunt (as usual) with her views, saying: "I don't not like them being here, ut I like her being her more than him but I'd still be happy with it as just us.

"I wish he'd gone over Biannca."

However Zoe didn't get off completely scot-free, with Ashleigh claiming that the crowd had chanted to get her out.

"I'm just very wary, because of what all the three [ex] housemates said about them and whenever Emma came on they were chanting 'Get Zoe out', Why were they chanting that?" she asked.

"There is a reason, but we've no idea," Chris replied.

BB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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