Big Brother 2014: Letters from home... but not for everyone!


The Big Brother 2014 housemates are set to receive letters from home this week... but not all of them.

In a cruel twist, only some of the housemates will get their letters from family and friends.

And it'll be down to just ONE housemate to decide who gets their letters and who does not.

And that one housemate will be chosen by us (iPhone owning) viewers as part of this week's People Power twist.

A new poll active now on the Official Big Brother App (available on the App Store for iOS7 users only) asks which housemate should be put in charge of who gets their letters from home.

We feel that one housemate who be keen to hear from back home will be Helen Wood, who breaks down in the Diary Room tonight about being homesick.

Having now been away from her son for two months, she sobs: “I feel a bit home-sick.” as she also says that she feels a certain pressure to keep up in the house and not be boring.

On other hand, Ashleigh Coyle has already received a video message from her up earlier in the series as part of the battery power task.

Who do you think should be put in charge of the housemates' letters? Tell us in the comments below!

BBUK continues this evening at 9PM on Channel 5.

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