Big Brother 2014: Chris R Wright REALLY doesn't like Pav Paul

Big Brother Summer 2014

Chris R Wright has it in for Pav Paul on tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

After branding him a prick in last night's show, Chris talks to Big Brother and says that he feels that he totally lost perspective in the house and he didn’t want to have that experience in front of 'someone like Pav'.

He says that Pav is a pain the ar*e and a thorn in his side.

Asked why he feels this way by Big Brother, Chris says: "I’ve met a million and one people like Pav and he’s trying to push my buttons."

"It’s probably not just mine."

He adds that Pav asks him questions that are meant to wind him up, remarking: "He’s just a pest."

Outside of the Diary Room and Chris talks to Ashleigh Coyle about his growing unease with Pav and says: "He shouldn’t f**king be here."

Meanwhile, Mark tells Winston that he thinks Pav is integrating into the house contrary to what Pav feels and that he’s not being left out and reasons that they all have to make an effort with him as ‘he’s still here.’

Ashleigh suggests that Pav better not ‘pull’ the being left out card or she will ‘go nuts.’

Later on, Pav talks to Big Brother and says that he thinks during nominations the following day he will be the easy option, saying: "I don’t feel pressure and I don’t feel stress, I know I’m going to go on Friday.

"I’m just going to enjoy the week."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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