Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 52 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights on Channel 5.

It’s the day after Steven’s eviction and Pav is in high spirits after surviving the public vote. He celebrates by rapping in the shower.

Christopher goes to the Diary Room and says that there is a strong new dynamic in the house and that the new Housemates are still under suspicion and he’s not sure if there are genuine. Big Brother asks him how he is getting on with the original Housemates and he says ‘quite well’ and specifically over the past few weeks he has been getting on with Helen a lot better. He says: ‘I have a new level of respect for her and I never thought I’d say that.’ He adds: ‘Deep down she’s a good girl.’

Winston is becoming interested in the Illuminati for some reason(!) and probes Chris on what he knows about them. All Chris knows is that they are a secret society and something to do with the ‘Stone Masons’.

Mark talks to Christopher about the new Housemates and tells him that he has put what Biannca and Danielle said about them out of his head but finds it harder to do the same with Matthew’s comments. Christopher says that he may have made a mistake in his openness with the new Housemates when they first arrived and is now doubting himself but admits he may be reading too much into things. They both agree to talk about something else.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to explain the next task, a street dance contest. As Zoe has professional dance training she will be the coach, her first job is to split the Housemates into two teams.

Elite Street – Christopher, Ashleigh, Ash and Mark

Foot Soldier Crew – Winston, Pav, Helen and Chris

The winning crew will win a Las Vegas themed party and the losing team will be the waiting staff and will provide entertainment for the winners. The dance off begins with Elite Street who’s memorable moments include Christopher’s total lack of rhythm and Ashleigh’s cheerleader outfit. Next up is Foot Soldier Crew, their routine involves some impromptu vogue-ing from Chris, some Dance Hall moves from Helen and Pav’s speed feet. The winners are announced as Elite Street. Zoe is informed that as the coach she will also be off to Vegas.

Elite Street don their finest for the party, dance and quaff champagne. Mark and Ash amuse the other members of the winning team by doing impressions of Ashleigh.

The losing team practise their routine to entertain Elite Street which involved the boys lifting Helen, which doesn’t go entirely to plan and Helen says: ‘Me giblets are hanging out!’

Mark goes to the Diary Room and says he has had a really fun day and that he is really proud of his team. Big Brother asks is he was impressed by the other team’s moves and he says ‘confused more like.’ He says Winston’s break-dancing looked like he was getting amorous with the floor and said he had never seen anything like Pav’s ‘Bhangra Nights’ moves. He then goes on to demonstrate his ‘posh voice’ which sounds remarkably like his normal one.

The losing team perform ‘Luck Be A Lady’ complete with feathers and cabaret-esque outfits. The winners cheer and egg them on.

Pav tries to clear the air with Chris and says that he has noticed that Chris has been distancing himself from him for the last couple of days. Chris explains by saying that he doesn’t think he has been distant with him but if he has then he’s just been having a sh*t couple of days. Chris also says that he doesn’t want to focus on making new friendships but wants to concentrate on developing the fledgling ones he has with the original Housemates. Pav ends the conversation by saying that there is a lot of negative energy in the house.

Mark does another impression for the Housemates, this time of a pirate. He says: ‘A couple of past lives ago, I actually lived on a pirate ship.’ He adds that in this past life he ‘weren’t a good man.’

Ashleigh is slightly worse for wear in the garden where she tells that Ash (we think) she used to think he was a ‘c**t.’ Helen says that she much prefers Ashleigh since ‘her Grandma left (Danielle)’. Helen asks Ashleigh if her ‘Grandma’ used to stink of p**s like old people do. Ash says of Danielle: ‘She did ruin it.’ Helen agrees that she did and says to Ashleigh that they would have been getting on weeks ago without Danielle’s influence.

The Housemates have a bit of fun with the ice sculpture and use it to facilitate Christopher downing shots of mustard and soy sauce which he promptly throws up but Mark is proud of him, he says for the second time that day.

Zoe questions Ash on his relationship with Helen and tells him that she thinks that Helen needs a man to tell her she’s the one and Ash replies: ‘That’s me, but not in this situation.’ Zoe asks what he means and Ash answers: ‘We’re in Big Brother!’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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