Big Brother 2014 housemates worry about People Power!


Us viewers are in Power on Big brother 2014 this week and the housemates are worried.

Earlier today, viewers saved on housemate from nominations in the first twist of the week and naturally, the group now fear more Power decisions from the public.

Helen Wood speculated this afternoon: "You know what will happen this week, it will be the week all of our nominations get shown to each other."

Christopher Hall agreed: "I'm going to pick my words very carefully. I know they're going to showing back so if I do say something up there [in the Diary Room], I'm going to be able to explain what I said to the housemates I said it about."

Pav Paul suggested: "They [The public] could have any choice, whether we get food, whether we get hot water...

"They've already said that Ashleigh's safe, something will probably happen midweek."

Christopher added: "The public can be brutal, they'll want to make it tough for us."

Helen agreed: "The public are going to get us doing some s**t things this week."

But Ash Harrison argued: "It can potentially be awesome."

Mark Byron remarked: "If they give us funny things like bushtucker trials, like 'Which housemate do you want to have a luxury breakfast?' but it turns out to be donkey **** and that.

"That'd be funny, it'd be horrible but it'd be funny."

Big Brother continues all this week on Channel 5 with the Power in the hands of the people.

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